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AFSAAN is a boutique management consulting firm. The word “afsaan” – in ancient Persian – means the stone which was used for sharpening knives, swords, spears and such tools. Its English translation is “hone”. On top of sharpening, hone as a verb means improving, refining, strengthening and optimizing something over time and this is exactly what we do at AFSAAN. We empower our clients to Form, Reform and Transform their businesses by helping them hone their business model, strategies, operations, processes, performance and so on.


A world where organizations are so empowered that they would not need consulting services anymore.


AFSAAN is a boutique management consulting firm providing knowledge / technology based companies with hands-on advice and practical solutions to Form (design), Reform (improve) and Transform (changeover) their businesses. We combine our global experience with local know-how and specialized knowledge to empower our clients to solve their problems, overcome their challenges and reach their objectives. Our goal is to build long-lasting trust through performance, professionalism, and expertise.

About Our Team

We believe a competent small team achieves way more than a mediocre large team. Hence we keep our team very small but select only the best of the best to collaborate with us. We also work with a network of partners, consulting firms, freelance consultants and subject matter experts outside of our team. Please visit the join page if you are interested in joining us or working with us.