Our Clients

We have been working with cross-industry clients in private sector. Most of them are knowledge / technology based companies using modern businesses models such as e-commerce, ICT services, and online platforms. For more information please scroll down to Target Clients section to determine if you are a potential match for us or click here to learn more about our services and solutions. Some of our clients include the following:

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لوگو موسسه خدمات فناوری تا بازار
لوگو بنیاد ملی نخبگان
لوگو دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر پلی تکنیک تهران
لوگو باشگاه کارآفرینی تیوان
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لوگو شرکت آوات
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لوگو شبکه ویدیو کنفرانس ایران شوکا
لوگو اثنا
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لوگو شرکت ارتباط فردا efarda

Disclaimer: Some of the clients mentioned in this website have worked directly with Omid Akhavan before he founded AFSAAN.

Client Testimonials

"I had tried to improve & grow Asna using various solutions & consultants but couldn't make it happen. Omid was able to successfully transform Asna - end to end - delivering tangible results. On top of his knowledge & experience, his discipline, persistence, & professionalism were key to our success." - Hesam Hosseini (Founder & CEO, Asna)
"Omid is a very smart management consultant with great experience in different industries. He has excellent capability of analyzing the As Is, formulating the To Be & convincing the stakeholders to do what they have to do. He is a disciplined achiever with deep knowledge supported by an exhaustive toolbox." - Nima Namdari (VP of Planning & Development, eFarda (Ayandeh Bank))
"When we decided to design & build our B2B e-commerce from scratch we needed professional help and advice to start. The consulting services Omid provided were very effective leading us to the solutions we were looking for, thanks to his expertise & experience combined with his practicality & pragmatism." - Ali Ghabeli (Launch Project Manager, Aasood B2B e-commerce)
"While numerous consulting & training firms had disappointed us, Omid was able to practically train & advise our teams on the latest concepts in Business Process Management (BPM). The feedback was excellent & those teams still stand out amongst the others because of the effectiveness of his services." - Ali Adineh (Head of ERP Department, Fanap Holding)
"Omid is a humble, responsible & hands-on consultant with a desired mix of international / local expertise & experience providing tangible results. Regardless of the contract terms, he works so hard as if it is his own company. He helped us manage our processes, increase our productivity & avoid costly mistakes." - Mohammad Reza Rahimpour (Founder and CEO, Shooka)

Target Clients

We work solely with certain types of clients which match our criteria as below:

We work with companies across all industries except for those in Government, Public sector, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Heavy Industries, and alike.

We typically work with medium and large companies – which could be a startup or established company – but in some cases, we also work with small businesses and large enterprises.

Knowledge/ technology based companies using modern business models such as e-commerce, ICT services, online platforms and innovative products.