Our Approach

Unlike many consulting firms, we do not work alone in our office and won’t just show up to deliver the results for you, nor do we aim to provide you with countless pages of documentation which no one would ever read.

Instead, we spend most of the project time with you and your teams at your office to make sure the project is being done as efficiently and as effectively as possible. This way, your team will be empowered to gradually take control and get the job done independently.

We also make sure what we provide is practical and executable and hence we keep the documentation to the absolute minimum which is necessary for implementation. If you are ready to start, please click here to contact us.

Types of Engagements

There are 3 ways we could collaborate with each other:

1. On-demand: Basically you contact us when you need us for one or more sessions and you will be charged based on the actual hours spent.

2. Retainer: We sign a contract in which you reserve our time for a fixed number of hours – within a range – per week or month and will be charged based on an agreed-upon rate.

3. Project-based: In this case, a contract will be signed to deliver a project and you will be charged based on the milestones reached, deliverables submitted, or actual hours spent.

AFSAAN - How - Types of Engagement

How to Start

Here is how we start an engagement with you:

1. First, we will meet to get to know each other and understand your needs

2. Then we will send you a detailed proposal including services/timeline/pricing

3. Next, we will discuss the proposal and reach an agreement

4. Once an agreement is reached, we will sign a contract

5. Finally, we will start the engagement based on the contract terms

AFSAAN - How - Start