Why We Exist

Due to the poor performance and productivity of many Iranian organizations – for numerous reasons – a large number of them are in severe need of consulting services. Yet, because of the sanctions, immigration of the best talents (brain drain), and lack of proper collaboration between Iran and the first world countries, there is a huge knowledge and expertise gap in the country.

On one hand, many Iranian consulting firms are working with outdated methods, tools, knowledge, etc. and have experience solely in traditional industries such as manufacturing and distribution. That said, they are not familiar enough with how modern knowledge/ technology based companies operate.

On the other hand, foreign consulting firms – which are very expensive, not abundant in Iran and mainly focused on large enterprises or governmental organizations – are not familiar enough with the unique work culture of Iran and needs of small and medium Iranian companies and hence many a times cannot properly help such clients, let alone the language barrier. 

So there is no ideal solution for such companies and that is exactly why we exist. We believe we can fill this gap by providing world-class management consulting services combined with local experience / know-how and a deep understanding of Iranian knowledge / technology based companies. If you are ready to start please click here to contact us.

Competitve Advantage

While others may have one or more of the following, our competitive advantage is the combination of all of the following items in Iran:

1. World-class knowledge, experience, and competencies

2. Local track record, eminence, and know-how

3. High-performance delivery leading to actionable outcome

4. Deep understanding of knowledge / technology based companies

5. Young, modern and progressive team

6. AFSAAN’s 3×3 Framework (see the opposite figure)

AFSAAN 3x3 framework has 9 pillars trust empowerment success performance professionalism expertise hands-on advice coaching support practical solutions


1. Stick to AFSAAN’s 3×3 Framework (see above)

2. Have proper work-life balance and enjoy your work

3. Be honest, respectful and transparent

4. Learn something new everyday

5. Help others without expectations

6. Establish continuous improvement culture

7. Treat clients as our own team and create synergy

8. Communicate effectively and frequently

9. Give back to the community and be socially responsible

AFSAAN - Why - Values